Saturday, 24 July 2010

The melancholic rhapsody - Decision Time.

Powerful, yet powerless.
Knowledgeable, yet cannot exploit that knowledge.
Happy, yet sad
Suicidal, yet want to live.
Living, yet dying.

Why does it have to be like this? he asks
Why did he not know this earlier? he asks
Why can he do nothing-absolutely nothing-about this? he asks
Why is he going through this? he asks
Why oh why? he asks

How powerful?
The revelation, for a start.
It works and he has proved it.
They know it works. They know the source.
They just will not or cannot help him.

How knowledgeable?
His whole life has been about acquiring knowledge by observing.
No doubt about that either, he has proof.
They know it and they know how good he can be.
They just will not or cannot help him.

Why is he so happy?
He has a good wife, patient mother, a blessed child and a supportive family.
He has crossed the spiritual Rubicon.
He has been handed a unique vision.
He shoulders the heavy responsibility of a generation, which saddens him.

Why suicidal?
The responsibility is heavy...very heavy.
He is tired...very tired.
He sees no end in sight, yet he can feel the end is near.
He wants to see this through.

He is dying as he lives.
He must see it through.
He will see it through.
Then he thought: I know why the path seem closed.
He has to do something...something special.

He will start straight away.
Everything else: must wait.

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