Saturday, 3 November 2007

My Epiphany

I had what I can only term my epiphany in the last 2 weeks and I wish to share it. I only hope I can find the right words to capture what actually happened.


The last year has been very challenging in a number of ways for myself, my family and my work. However, I am taking steps to resolve each problem (or difficulties) in the rational ways that I am accustomed to. I couldn't help but ask why I have to deal with some of these problems.

I wouldn't consider myself religious but I have great links with Islam and Christianity. Overall, I strongly belief that the thread that binds the world's great religions is stronger than that which divides them. My believes have a strong moral underpinning and that the phenomena of this world cannot be explained by chance alone. Different groupings explain this in different ways but I will not go into that now. In my case, I believe in the existence of God or a Supreme Being.


I was just reflecting on the events of the past year and where I am today...and suddenly I looked up (to the sky) and asked God: why am I having to go through 'this'? The key point here is that I was not angry with God but just curious. The best analogy here is the way a Son might talk to his Dad; something like: why did you let me make those mistakes? I felt a smile (a smirk perhaps!) from somewhere deep. I can't explain it. The response was however, clear enough...'You are ready for this and I know you'll be fine'.

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